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January 2016

Going Auto

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Half of Americans do not have access to a retirement saving plan at their workplace. Of those who do about a third fail to join. And those who do join tend to save too little and often make unwise investment decisions.  In short, the 401(k)/retirement plan world is in crisis, and workers need help.

Going Auto provides that help by focusing on the behavioral challenges that led to this crisis inertia, limited self-control, loss aversion, and myopia—and transforms them into solutions. These solutions, or tools, are based on cutting edge behavioral finance research and they can dramatically improve outcomes. That’s exactly what this week’s video is all about.

Your Dreams

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Each year Steph and I take time to look back at the progress we made over the last year and look forward to the new year. We try to target 15-20 big dreams. That’s what drives us in our life together. This is exactly the work I do with my clients as well. Create your dreams, document them, make progress, review, and repeat! It’s an amazing cycle and a impactful process to get started with for the new year if you’re not already doing it.

I’m including directions to get the exact same workbook we use personally and with clients everyday. See link below.

Free Assessment and Access to Workbook / Book Offer Combo!

Value of 1%

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I saw this commercial the other day and it got me thinking. What is the cost and value to saving one more percent? That’s the question I asked myself and I hope all of America too. In this video I circle back to the “How Much” video we did a couple weeks ago and show what is the incremental value for a median income household looking to make progress. You won’t believe how little it takes to make a significant impact.

P.S. Tomorrow is the last day to vote for NAPA’s Top Advisors Under 40, perhaps better known as the industry’s “Young Guns” list. Here is the voting site below and would love to have your support.


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This time of the year I’m spending a lot of time reviewing strategies with our clients and making sure that they are setup to properly “re-balance” back to the intended strategy. I’m shocked by how many people I meet with that are still not doing this — even on an annual basis. That’s what this week’s video is all about. It’s super easy and very necessary for your planning.