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February 2016

Super Roth

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After last week’s conversation about Maxing Out your contributions to meet the IRS guidelines I got a lot of questions about how to get to $53K and $59K (for those age 50 and over), so here’s how to get to the higher limit. I don’t typically like to get this technical but it’s kept relatively simple given the subject matter.

I’m not sure if the term “Super Roth” has been formally coined but this would be fitting if that’s the case.

This is something that really fits those looking to play catch up or super charge their accumulation plan.


Maxing Out

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Most of the time when we talk about this subject it revolves around Portillo’s and taking down an Italian beef, cheese fries and a chocolate cake shake (I’m sure many of you can relate). But today this is actually about maximizing the IRS contribution limits and the long term impact they can have towards your planning future.

Many of my clients are following this planning structure but many of you have not seen the long term impact of the path toward ‘maxing out’.

DreamNumber Tour

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So…I’m a follower of Peter Diamandis and pay attention to the projects he’s constantly working on including Singularity University that he co-founded years ago. Their mission is to educate, inspire and empower leaders to apply exponential technologies to address humanity’s grand challenges. Remember my blog on the 95% retirement failure rate that American’s face today? Well…I created DreamNumber to address that grand challenge facing humanity today. Clearly at 95% failure there’s room for technology to make an improvement and show you exactly ‘How Much’, Save It, and Make Progress! I had to make this video to apply for their program in the Spring of 2016 because I want to get the ‘How Much’ information out in front of the entire population. We face BIG challenges ahead without this information. In this video I take you through my big vision and where my greatest passion lies with my work on DreamNumber! At least for today because I will be making progress with it tomorrow.

95% / 5%

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Several years ago I learned of the macro numbers surrounding the amount of Americans in financial success and failure. Since then I have done a ton of research surrounding this info and today they are perhaps more relevant than ever. Why are they that way? Well…that’s the point of this video.

In this video I breakdown the top three reasons supporting the success and failure. Guess what? It’s right in line with all the topics I have been discussing the last several weeks.

It’s Time

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I hear this expression all the time and it makes me think — are people actually taking action when they say it?

It’s Time…it’s time… to start losing weight, to start eating right, to start going to church, to start having better relationships, to start living the life you want, to start taking those dream vacations, and the list never stops. Are you saying that? Are you saying that about your retirement planning progress?

Well…if you are, then you’ll enjoy this quick message. I show you why It’s Time to get your retirement progress in motion.