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March 2016

Offense vs. Defense

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While watching some of the NCAA March Madness games I noticed some fascinating action that really gave me a strong take away I wanted to share. Specifically in the Northern Iowa vs. Texas A&M game. I’m not a big basketball guy but I get into the NCAA tourney with all the carnage that goes on with major upsets, change in leads, Cinderella stories, new heroes are born, heartbreak, and the list goes on of great stories that come out of the month of March! But this time it was like something I have never seen. A team destined for what looked like victory with only 35 seconds remaining and a 12 point lead. An 8 point lead with only 21 seconds left. It really was incredible. That’s what this video blog is all about.

Pay Yourself First

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I’m sure you have heard this statement before but maybe you’ve never seen it drawn out. Spending time with My Dad or Grandpa this statement would always come up. So…naturally it became deeply ingrained in my head. Yet on a weekly basis I come across someone who is determined to go against this methodology. In this video, I show you how to capture a 166% gain just by using Other People’s Money (or Pay Yourself First). It’s so simple and really a no-brainer to start getting this money in your pocket working for you. Don’t leave it on the table!

What’s your BIGGEST problem?

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Over the course of the past few months I have covered several topics via my blog and got a lot conversations started around the big concerns / interests we all have. It’s been a very enlightening process and I have enjoyed it thoroughly. So…over the next coming weeks I’d like to do something a little bit different. I thought it would be fun to ask people what they wanted to learn about.

If you could take just 5 minutes and tell me what is the single biggest challenge that you’re struggling with in your planning right now…  If you could take 30 seconds to tell me what that is a) it would mean the world to me and b), most importantly, I’ll be able to use that information to gear my upcoming emails toward topics you specifically want to know more about.
P.S. This feedback will drive future conversations on my blog and develop the products created for your access. So…your thoughts and insights are like GOLD to me!
Get started here.