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April 2016

Penrose Brewing / Eric Hobbs

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My best days are spent working with clients and helping them make progress on their big dreams. Period. Put those things together and I’m at my absolute nirvana! Well…the other day I got to spend time with one of the most driven entrepreneurs and got to spend some time with him talking about his progress. Lets just say it hasn’t been a straight line for Eric Hobbs, Tom Korder, and the rest of the team at Penrose Brewing but they are charging forward. Every time I check in with these guys something new is on the horizon and they continue to raise the bar by creating a unique experience for those enjoying the newest offering. Take a minute and familiarize yourself with the history of Penrose. Even better is swing by the Tap Room sometime to take in the full experience. A conversation with Tom and Eric will have you overflowing with passion for great beer and maybe pursuing a big dream. Cheers!


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So I have been in pursuit of systems to streamline my business and increase the experience for my clients. I came across Infusionsoft nearly a year ago and didn’t integrate even 10% of it’s capabilities until I made an investment in SixthDivision. Together both of these are “game-changers” for my business and the experience for those we interact with. It also allows us to spend more time focused on our client’s dreams and progress. So…I challenge you with this – What things can you automate in your business and in your life to make it more efficient and/or increase the experience? Step one: Lay out the processes each day you go through and create a ‘playbook’ for them with the end in mind before connecting with technology like Infusionsoft. You’ll see your strategy start to shift when you see these new capabilities.

Losing 38lbs in 90 days

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I don’t often get to share my dreams with others as I’m focused on my clients. But I thought the recent pursuit of a big dream for me was worth sharing. So…he’s a video on how I lost 38 lbs in 90 days and what I did to make this progress. Skinniest I have been in over 8 years. It’s all about the support group on this one. It’s nearly impossible for the accomplishment of big dreams to happen without an amazing support group! I’m blessed to have a bunch of help on this one. From friends, family, fiance to specialists, coaches, and training. Here’s how it all came together.

Limits Lead to Progress

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With the tax filing deadline just a week away I’m getting a lot of questions about IRAs and HSAs so here is a quick overview of the limits. I thought it would be good to get this info in your hands so you can see the long-term benefit to these timely decisions. Nominal contributions really build up. Here’s how.

My Dips

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“What? You mean you didn’t go in a straight line since you started as an entrepreneur?” No way. Not even close. I have been through so many dips and I think that most people think its always in one direction. I have embraced the ‘dips’ and expect more in the future. Whether this is investing, pursuing dreams, working as an entrepreneur, etc…this is reality. I encourage each of you to recognize the dips are natural to a successful future of pursuing big dreams. Don’t let the dips shake you off course or let people stand in the way of your progress of a big dream. Keep charging forward.