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Is Retirement Dead?

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Personally, I don’t think this is a question. To me, this is a fact: retirement is dead. Let me explain:

Nowadays, people are living longer, which means the length of retirement will be longer too. This sort of makes the retirement system flawed, don’t you think? Right now, everyone is saving for that 10-15 year of average retirement time, but with a longer life span, that means there could be 20+ years of retirement time. People are saving and saving as much as they can in order to ensure that they will simply survive after work life ceases.

Basically, the definition of retirement means to put out of use. I speak with many people about how when they reach that retirement age, they aren’t looking forward to what many picture retirement being; sitting around and doing nothing. I totally get that! I believe that it’s important for people to stay active after retirement and do the things they love. That’s why I strongly believe that you are not saving for retirement, but are saving for financial freedom. This is a point I bring up often when I tell clients about DreamNumber, my program that allows you to organize and plan your path to your dreams and to financial freedom. I strongly suggest you check it out!

I also wanted to share with you this article from CNBC that adds to my discussion on traditional retirement being dead: check it out here. Now, I understand that everyone has their own opinions, and I respect that! I’d just like you to think about how you’d like to spend your retirement and take these thoughts into consideration!


Have a great week everyone!


Tax Cut: It’s Not All Bad!

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When the new tax law was first revealed, many were quick to bash any negative aspects of it that they could find. To start this week off,  I wanted to give you a little more information on the tax law so you can better understand the benefits it provides and what exactly has changed.

The new tax bill is a massive document; being over 1,000 pages,  I don’t expect you to read it all, though I do want to make this clear: it’s not all bad! In fact, one of the changes is that most tax brackets went down! To see more of the new changes, check out the ROI Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and take a closer look at the following:

  • New tax brackets, pages 4-6
  • Updates on 529 plans and retirement, page 10
  • Estate Tax Exclusion, page 11

Regardless of your political views, this tax bill is for us all! If you have any questions or are in need of further assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us here or give a call to the ROI Business Services at 630-855-5787.

If You Want To Go Fast… If You Want To Go Far…

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There’s a famous quote that says,”If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” Many people have no problem doing things on their own, but imagine how much more you could do if you had a great team surrounding you. An article from The Meaning Movement has some great points that compare going fast alone and being great with a team- check it out here!

Now, let me ask you, who is on your financial team? Who is helping you make progress toward your financial goals and freedom?

Having a financial team is crucial. Think of a financial team as a support system. With the world and economy constantly changing, it is important for you to surround yourself with a group of people who will help you to stay on the right track to reaching your financial goals.

This week, I am challenging you to think about whether or not you have a good support team in place, and if not, please consider building one. Everyone needs a support system to keep moving forward!

2018 Goals

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Happy New Year! As one year ends and another begins, it’s interesting to think about what goals you have and have not accomplished. Sometimes we achieve all of the goals we set for ourselves, and other times we haven’t quite reached them yet.

We challenge you to think of 3 big goals for your 2018. Write those goals down and discuss them with someone in your life that will make sure you stick with them! The most important thing to consider when creating these goals is to make sure they are measurable. Include specifics: when you want to achieve this goal, how much you want to increase or decrease by, etc.

Make this year even better than the year before! Welcome to 2018 everyone!


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I hope you had a great holiday with all of your loved ones!

Let’s be realistic- life is never perfect. Though many of us would love to live in a perfect world with a perfect life, things don’t always work out that way. And that’s OKAY! Planning for the future, especially in regards to retirement and finances, can be overwhelming. There will be times where you try and try to create the perfect path to retirement or the best path to your future, but know that it’s completely okay and normal for there to be imperfections along the way! The most important thing is that you make progress- get one step closer to your goals.

This week’s video discusses imperfections, especially in regards to the important topic of money. If you did discuss the meaning of money with your loved ones this past week and you found that your response were different, that’s okay! It’s okay to have those different views. It’s okay to be imperfect!

Have a great week everyone!

Fiduciary Rule vs. Success

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So we are the in midst of the Fiduciary Rule implementation or delay — either way it has been the talk of the industry for several months now only to recently hear about the potential uncertainty of its future altogether. All this talk has me thinking they are missing the big focus that should be in their (law makers) sights. What impact will this rule have on the success of investors and retirement plan participants? Will a reduction of fees close the savings gap? I have to laugh at the battles that our law makers are addressing while passing on the bigger issues that will actually help solve the true problems. That’s what this blog post is all about.

Investing for Kids

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Do you have your own children? Grandchildren? Children you’re the guardian of? Or even just kids you can have a positive impact on? If so, that’s the purpose of this video. I point out some potential starting points for the kids in your life. For some people in the world, it’s too late but for all kids this is the time to capture their financial future. Getting them started today might be the best thing you can do in 2017!

$12 Trillion Cash & Election

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Right now there are some very unique things happening. In fact, some statistics we haven’t seen in many generations including this recent Cubs rally into the playoffs. That’s what this video is all about — making decisions when unique circumstances present themselves.

Pursuing dreams

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So its been an interesting few weeks both in my client interactions and my travels or personal pursuits. One major theme is in motion. I’m seeing clients make progress towards dreams and openly sharing them with me. It doesn’t get any better than this. It gets me all fired up when I get to see them taking action on commitments to dreams they have. From Beth’s new floors in her home and seeing all the MLB ballparks, to clients getting married, to clients getting engaged, to clients having babies, to clients retiring, to buying or starting new businesses, to selling their businesses and the list goes on. Everyone has their own position and phase but one common theme has continued to show up; clients are pursuing dreams.

I’m constantly having conversations with clients about what their BIG dreams are and what they are making progress on. I think this is where the rubber meets the road with all that fiscal saving — the pursuit of your BIG dreams! So…what dreams are you pursuing? I would love to hear about what you’re working on or pursuing this year!